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More than 6,000 partners are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to grow their business and delight clients with cloud solutions provided by Sherweb. Get ready to be surprised by what you can achieve.

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Get the right stuff from a partner you trust. Feel confident in any sales scenario with business-critical products and solutions topped with tailored support.

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Services & support suited to your goal

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Manage all your clients and product licenses in one simple, centralized location. Built based on partner feedback, our user-friendly partner portal makes running your business a breeze.

Extended team of cloud experts

Capitalize on technical, sales and pre-sales support to push your business further. Lean on our skilled architects and technicians to navigate complex scenarios and resolve tickets for Level 1, Level 2 and beyond.

Training and strategic consulting

We believe in sharing our expertise with partners to help facilitate their digital transformation and reach their full potential. Take advantage of hundreds of training resources, including online learning and tailored 1:1 sessions.

Influential sales and marketing

Delve into a partner-centric toolbox designed to enable and empower your sales and marketing activity. Execute campaigns using minimal effort with ready-made email templates, pitching tips and shareable content.

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Products selected for your success

Extended network of IT partners

More than 6,000 Sherweb partners can help you overcome any IT obstacle. With competencies in every tech area from productivity to security, our extended partner network represents unmeasurable knowledge for businesses to tap into.

Business-critical cloud products & solutions

Our adept product team has hand-picked the best services, products and solutions that modern businesses need to succeed, so you don’t have to. Rest assured that our carefully crafted product portfolio was built with your needs in mind.

Supportive expertise

We provide Level 1 and Level 2 technical support 24/7 in North America in French and English, with advanced experts available to resolve more complex issues. A real human—as opposed to a machine or automated service—will always take your call.

Operational effectiveness

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Simplify the way you work

Experience integration done right with specialized tools for automating and synchronizing key business processes


Synchronize and automate billing, proration and subscription info to build efficiency, save time and sell more.


Harmonize subscriptions, products, pricing and alerts with client organizations for seamless accounting practices.


Streamline financial processes and transactions by syncing Sherweb offers, prices and your Kaseya services for increased efficiency.


Unify processes, automate payments, and link Sherweb subscriptions with your Tigerpaw price book items to speed up your business.


QuickBooks OnlineAutomate accounting workflows; create, manage, track and send invoices in minutes, from anywhere and on any device.


番羽土啬吧Connect and automate billing, invoicing, proration, Sherweb offers and pricing for effortless accounting.

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